What Brad Stevens missed. (Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Maybe Brad Stevens is the Boston Red Sox’ rally squirrel.

For the second time, the Boston Celtics coach fell asleep during a Red Sox playoff game, a game the Sawx won.

He dozed off during the second game of the American League Championship Series and missed David Ortiz’s eighth-inning grand slam and the game-winning run in the ninth inning. On Saturday night, Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe relays word that Stevens fell asleep during the ALCS Game 6, the game the Red Sox won to, you know, advance to the World Series.

“I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed to say that I fell asleep, but I was really tired,” Stevens said after the Celtics’ Sunday morning shootaround in Montreal.

While he was sleeping there was another big grand slam, this one from Shane Victorino.

“The key to the Red Sox is me falling asleep. Because when I’m watching, it’s hard to score runs. When I’m asleep, magic occurs. It’s unbelievable.”