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Brett Favre on Tony Romo: “I could be talking about myself”

(Matt Rourke / AP)

It takes a gunslinger to know a gunslinger and who better to assess the ups and downs of being Tony Romo than Brett Favre?

Favre returned to the NFL, at least the NFL’s network, this morning and weighed his response carefully when he was asked whether Romo takes too many risks. (That 506-yard, five-touchdown game, which was ruined by a late interception, comes to mind.)

“Yes and no,” he answered slowly. “I mean, I’m sitting here and I could be talking about myself. I think it’s his style of play. Right or wrong, it’s his style of play; I think [he’s] a player who has versatility, can win with his feet — he’s not a zone-read type of guy, but he can makes plays with his feet — can buy a lot of time and extend the plays. And we see him do that all the time.

“When that’s kind of your style of play, you stick with it … and sometimes it gets you in trouble. And he makes tremendous plays. A lot plays that would’ve never happened had he not been the quarterback.

“I’m just kind of guessing the mentality a player like that has — or I had .For example, we played against Kurt [Warner] in the playoffs. The Rams were an outstanding team, scoring a lot of points. I think I threw six picks in that game. And my mindset going into that game was ‘I have to outscore them.’ Yeah, checkdowns are good, but they’re slowly going to be gaining points while I’m checking it down. So you have to take some chances. At least I felt that way.

“Then you take risks that sometimes work, sometimes don’t. So I think the game, the scenario, those things dictate how you play, along with your style. … For example, if [Romo’s] defense is stout and they’re not giving up [many] points a game, his mentality may change a little bit. ‘I don’t have to take as many risks. I can take a lot more check-downs and be a lot more conservative.’

“I think it’s his style of play and I think it’s a good one. It gets him in trouble sometimes, but he’s a heckuva player.”

Favre, now the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Oak Grove (Miss.) High School, added that he isn’t thinking about a comeback (although his agent, Bus Cook, opined that he could play in the NFL a few weeks back).