Sam Bradford’s injury complicates things for the Rams. (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

The knee injury that caused Sam Bradford to be carted off the field has prompted the St. Louis Rams to discuss the possibility, the very idea of signing Tim Tebow — although the team is unlikely to follow through and do so.

Mike Silver of the NFL Network reported that little bit of news, guaranteed to trigger hope among Tebow loyalists who’ve been hoping he’d get an NFL gig ever since he was cut by the New England Patriots just before Labor Day. But the report carries a big disclaimer: Silver also writes that the signing is “highly unlikely.”

Bradford suffered what multiple reports say is a torn anterior cruciate ligament and will miss the rest of the season. His backup, Kellen Clemens, is the only quarterback on the roster and the Rams are likely to host several QBs for tryouts this week.

(Yes, Vince Young is still out there, too, and eager to play. But the Rams’ head coach is the man he feuded publicly with in Tennessee, Jeff Fisher.)

There was a bit of campaigning for Tebow, as there has been at times this season, on Sunday in Jacksonville, where a plane with a message could be seen in the sky:

As for Tebow himself, he was seen recently in Hawaii and he’s clearly still in football shape.