Brandon Jacobs was a marked man Monday. (Charles Rex Arbogast / AP)

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is the latest athlete to be reminded how nasty the combination of angry fantasy football owners and social media can be.

Jacobs, who was inactive for the Giants’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night because of a hamstring injury, revealed Tuesday morning that he had received a death threat via Twitter. Jacobs shared the message (visible here; it contains a racial slur) from a user who has since deleted his account. Jacobs commented: , “Look at what we have to deal with.”

Among the threatening tweets was one that said that if Jacobs didn’t rush for 50 yards and two touchdowns, “it’s over for you and yo [sic] family [racial epithet]”

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that the user, @DMMEBoo, laughed when Jacobs retweeted him and called him “weak,” then asked for Jacobs to forgive him.

Another user asked Jacobs to “next time tell us you’re not playing before I have to set my [fantasy] lineup” and received a pointed reply from Jacobs: “[Expletive] you and your fantasy team. This is my real life.”

“I’ve heard nice things on Twitter and I’ve heard super bad things on Twitter,” Jacobs said. “But Twitter is Twitter. You’ve got your little cyber-gangsters out there that try to be strong behind the keyboard. But it is what it is. Someone created that platform for people to, I guess, get their rocks off without getting punched in the mouth.”