(Tom Lynn / AP)

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is out of the intensive care unit at a Green Bay hospital, recovering from a neck injury he suffered Sunday afternoon.

Finley suffered a bruised spinal cord in the helmet-to-helmet hit, according to multiple reports, and his immediate and long-rang recovery is not yet known. On Monday evening, he tweeted that he has feeling in his extremities and is walking around.

Finley, 26, “very upbeat, very positive,” Coach Mike McCarthy said. “At the end of the day, we’re going to do what’s in the best interest of Jermichael Finley.”

In the the third game of the season, Finley suffered a concussion on a helmet hit and, afterward, he told of the fears his wife and 5-year-old son had then.

“When I came back to reality, when I came to my senses and got my balance and my vision back, I picked up my phone,” Finley said. “Of course, my wife called like 30-plus times, seriously. And first of all, she put my little man on the phone and he asked me if there was a flight I could catch out during the game. And he said, ‘Daddy I don’t want you to play football anymore.’

“So that was a little hard to take, hearing a 5-year-old just knowing the violence and intensity of the game. And seeing his Dad walk off the field like he did is pretty hard for a family to see.”