(Duane Burleson / AP)

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and wide receiver Dez Bryant may have had an emotional exchange on the sideline Sunday afternoon, but Witten said Tuesday there was nothing to it.

“There’s nobody I love playing with more on Sundays than Dez,” Witten said on KTCK Sportsradio (via the Dallas Morning News).

Near the end of the game, a 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions, it looked as if DeMarcus Ware had to step in to separate the two men. Bryant was not being selfish — as he, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones said ater the game.

“I was just reminding him there at the end there was still hope, still a chance and that he kind of just needed to let it go and let’s get focused back on these final few seconds,” Witten said.

“Wasn’t about getting [Bryant] the ball…that’s not what kind of guy he is…that’s why we love him.”