Hamza Abdullah (41) played for the Arizona Cardinals in a 2010 game against Washington. (John McDonnell / Washington Post)

Hamza Abdullah, a former defensive back in the NFL, blasted the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell for failing to ensure the health and well-being of players in a series of profanity-laced tweets.

On a verified account, Abdullah said that the NFL treats players like slaves, that Goodell would sell his “soul for a dollar,” and that the league should pay for psychiatric evaluations for its players. Both Hamza and his younger brother, Husain, were out of the league last year, pursuing Muslim studies with a pilgrimage to Mecca. Husain Abdullah signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, but Hamza went unsigned.

Hamza Abdullah also tweeted hints about death, writing: “Every time I go to sleep, I pray that Allah takes care of my family, just in case I don’t wake up. … And quietly, I’m disappointed sometimes when I do wake up.”

“Our player engagement staff has reached out to him to see if we can be of assistance,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press.

Abdullah added: “There’s a reason 80 percent of former players either go broke or get divorced within five years of leaving the game,” he tweeted. “It’s not poor choices by the player, it’s the [expletive] NFL loading the gun and us pulling the trigger. [Expletive] you, NFL for not taking care of players’ families. [Expletive] you, NFL.”

Abdullah later tweeted an apology for his profanity, writing, “My mom taught me better than that, but when you visit China, you have to speak Chinese.”

The tirade doesn’t sound like at all like Abdullah, as Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer points out.

Scott Fujita, a former linebacker and NFL Players Association executive committee member, added: