(Sharon Ellman / AP)

Jerry Jones back on the sideline at a Dallas Cowboys game?

The Cowboys owner told a radio station earlier this week that he might just leave his cushy AT&T Stadium skybox and resume his Texas Stadium habit of visiting the sideline “to get a feel for where is the passion, where is the energy.” That news wasn’t exactly greeted warmly by at least one player.

“Leave him up there,” DeMarcus Ware said (via the Dallas Morning News). It should be noted that he was laughing. “We have Dez [Bryant] for the passion. We don’t need two passions. Everybody stay where it’s at, and we’ll be all right.”

Bryant, of course, had a sideline outburst that all Cowboys parties said was positive passion in the loss Sunday to the Detroit Lions. Still, Dad has threatened to ride the elevator from his suite to the 50-yard-line.

“As you know, I used to spend my time on the sideline and probably need to spend some more down there,” Jones said on KRLD-FM (via the Morning News). “But the bottom line is, one of the reasons I’m trying to see, and the things I’m trying to get a feel for, is where is the passion, where is the energy, what’s the situation with the team.”

The Cowboys’ stadium now affords Jones a view so fabulous there’s been no need to leave. (Plus, he has a guy there to clean his spectacles and Jon Bon Jovi and LeBron James and everything.)

“I just have, frankly, the view that I have at our home games is so good that I really get to see a lot of that, but there’s no other reason other than that,” Jones said. “It’s really not by design and probably before it’s through I’ll be down there more.”

Yes, please.