Tiger Woods, his girlfriend says, has his squirrelly moments. (Matt Sullivan / Getty Images)

Over the course of a life lived in the spotlight, many sides of Tiger Woods have been revealed. Some are sweet and touching. Some are brash and intimidating. Some are just downright ugly.

Now there’s this about the world No. 1 golfer: He’s “goofy dorky.”

Hoo-boy. Woods’s girlfriend, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, made the big reveal in an interview with Katie Couric that will air on “Katie” (duh) today.

“He’s funny,” Vonn said. “He’s really laid-back. He’s a great guy. He’s always making jokes. very competitive, just like me. We have very similar personalities, but if there’s one thing I could say: he’s funny. He’s goofy, like dorky goofy.”

This came as a surprise to Couric — and possibly to Woods, too.

“He’s probably not going to be that excited that I just said that,” Vonn added.