(Doug Benz / Reuters) Warren Sapp had a method for dealing with Richie Incognito. (Doug Benz / Reuters)

Warren Sapp shared his method for dealing with Richie Incognito, the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman suspended for allegedly taunting a teammate with verbal abuse and racial slurs. Sapp just laughed off his taunts.

Sapp, a Hall of Fame defensive tackle, told Dan Patrick on “The Dan Patrick Show” that Incognito even called him the n-word during a game. How, Patrick asked, did he respond?

“Beat him up so many times it don’t even make sense. One time he kicks me in the game and calls me the n-word and I said, ‘Oh, you want me to punch you in the mouth so they kick me out of the game. I’ve got a better plan for you. I’m going to beat your quarterback up so they cut your [butt].’ ”

Patrick expressed some incredulity that he let the slur roll off his back.

Sapp, laughing, said he told Incognito: “Really? That’s all you’ve got?

“It didn’t bother you?” Patrick asked.

“No. Come on,” Sapp said. “That’s a term of endearment where I’m from.”

Even if the word comes from a white player, Patrick said.

“Come on. In a football game? He’s only trying to get me kicked out,” Sapp told Patrick. “You don’t want to fight because the only thing you’ve got to do is … just come over the locker room and say it after the game and now we’ve got a real situation.”