(L.M. Otero / AP)

Bob Costas may have a high-profile gig on NBC’s top-rated little “Sunday Night Football” show, but that doesn’t mean he’d allow a child of his to play the game.

He adds his name to a list of other well-known people (President Obama, Kurt Warner, Adrian Peterson, Bart Scott … to name a few) who have come to the same conclusion in an age of increasing awareness about the dangers of head trauma. In a Slate.com podcast with Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca, he said:

“I’d tell them no. I’d tell them no. I know that goes viral tomorrow. I might say — and you know what I know many many thoughtful people who have been involved in football their entire life — coaches, players who belie the stereotype of what we’ve got or think we’ve got coming out of the Dolphins’ locker room, very thoughtful people where football has shaped their lives in a positive way — so I’m not going to paint everyone with a broad brush.

“Maybe the better answer is: Be advised of the extreme dangers, know what you’re getting into. But let me put it this way: If it were my son and he was 13 years old and had reasonable athletic ability I would encourage him to play baseball or to play basketball or to play soccer or something other than football.”