Louisville is lovely this time of year, big guy. (Danny Moloshok / AP)

Enjoy the Yum! Center, Kobe.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant will be making a trip to Louisville after losing a wager with Kevin Ware of the Cardinals over who could recover first from a debilitating leg injury. Ware, who suffered a compound fracture during the Elite Eight last March, returned to the court first, playing 10 minutes and draining a trey in his first attempt last week. Bryant, who is 15 years older and has a few more miles on his hoops odometer, still hasn’t played since tearing his Achilles’ two weeks later.

Ware’s injury became national news and celebrities reached out to him — including the one that surprised him the most.

“It’s definitely Kobe,” Ware said (via ESPN’s Jeff Goodman). “Kobe is just one of those guys. We actually made a bet that whoever comes back first, the other one is going to have to go to one of their games.”

As for when Bryant might return…there’s no official date yet. Bryant, according to the Los Angeles Times, has completed two of the three weeks of intense conditioning he needs before setting a return date.

Plenty of time to charter a plane [we’re partial to the Gulfstream 650] and head for Luhvulle.