The NHL released a series of new logos called the Chrome Collection, featuring the seven teams that are playing in the 2014 NHL Stadium Series – four outdoor NHL games in January and March.

This is separate from the two other outdoor games in 2014 that won’t be getting the chrome logo treatment. Those are the Jan. 1 Winter Classic, when the Toronto Maple Leafs will play the Detroit Red Wings at Michigan Stadium, and the March 2 Heritage Classic, when the Ottawa Senators face off against the Vancouver Canucks at BC Place.

Here is the schedule for the Chrome series games. Commemorative jerseys and tchotchkes are sure to follow.

  • Jan. 25 Anaheim Ducks vs. L.A. Kings at Dodger Stadium
  • Jan. 26 New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils at Yankee Stadium
  • Jan. 29 Rangers-Islanders Yankee Stadium
  • March 1 Chicago Blackhawks va. Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field


Images via the NHL.