Jack Taylor, in the rare act of dribbling and not shooting. (Justin Hayworth / AP

Jack is back.

Jack Taylor, who set an NCAA record last year by scoring 138 points in a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible College, had 109 Sunday in Grinnell’s 173-123 victory over Crossroads.

Taylor, a 5-10 guard from Black River Falls, Wis., made 24-of-48 three-pointers and had 53 points in the first nine minutes of the second half. Overall, he made 35-of-70 shots and 15-of-17 free throws in 29 minutes.

“Just like last year, I couldn’t have done this without my teammates,” Taylor said (via ESPN). “I give so much credit to them. This truly was a team effort. I’m thankful for the program and the people I have playing with me.”

Taylor is averaging 90 points this season for the Division III school, which usually scores around 140 a game. If it seems like the idea is to feed Taylor the ball…it is. Coach David Arsenault’s players rush up the floor and pass to Taylor, who chucks the ball within the first 10 seconds on the shot clock.

Yes, he couldn’t have done it without his teammates.