Tony Allen didn’t have a prayer of staying in the game after landing a kick to the kisser of Chris Paul. (Chris Carlson / AP)

There was one call by game officials Monday night that everyone could agree on. As flagrant fouls in hoops go, it doesn’t get much flagrant-er than the one that brought about the ejection of Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen on Monday night.

He was slapped with a Flagrant Foul 2 and ejected when he kicked Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul in the face. Paul head-faked Allen off of the ground and Allen spread his arms and legs, one of which found Paul’s face. The foul was initially called a Flagrant 1, but was upgraded after video review. Memphis won 106-102 in L.A. and later apologized on Twitter.

Paul, according to ESPN Los Angeles, ended up with a few loosened teeth.

“I know Tony didn’t do it on purpose,” Paul said. “I went mute for a while, just because I hate being hit on the lip more than anything. I just hate having a busted lip. But I know it wasn’t intentional, and I didn’t expect him to get ejected. I think he thought I was about to throw the ball to the corner, so that’s a natural instinct.”