(John Lok / AP)

Not everyone thought that game officials blew the call at the end of the New England Patriots-Carolina Panthers game Monday night.

In fact, two people at the epicenter of the most controversial call of 2012 thought that Luke Kuechly committed no offense in tying up Rob Gronkowski.

That would be Lance Easley of “Fail Mary ref” infamy. A replacement ref during the lockout of infamy early in the 2012 season, he tweeted Monday that Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and Jon Gruden wrongly said the play involving Gronkowski and Kuechly should have been flagged. Golden Tate of the Seattle Seahawks, who was credited with a touchdown by replacement refs in that victory against the Green Bay Packers, concurred.

Tate chimed in:

That helps clear things up.

H/T Rich Eisen