Jameis Winston, the Florida State quarterback and leading Heisman Trophy candidate, will not be charged with a crime after an investigation into a sexual assault a year ago.

State attorney Willie Meggs held a press conference announcing that there was insufficient evidence to proceed Thursday afternoon and the media gathering was notable for the amount of laughter and playful banter it contained. It was, at minimum, uncomfortable and at most disturbing.

Meggs had a few awkward exchanges with reporters, prompting laughter when responded to a question of whether there was a sexual assault with “Well, that’s kinda why we’re here.”

At that point, a woman says, “Come on.”

The tone did not go unnoticed.

“There was laughter. There were jokes,” USA Today’s Christine Brennan wrote. “There were smiles. The news conference of Florida state attorney Willie Meggs announcing that Jameis Winston was not going to be charged with sexual battery was an extremely light-hearted affair. Everyone seemed so unbelievably happy to be talking about an alleged sexual assault.”

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