Some Heisman trophies are publicly displayed behind thick glass. Others are tucked away in the winner's home. But not Johnny Lattner's trophy. The 1953 winner sends it out in the world to benefit others. The Fold's Gabe Silverman shows you how. (Nicki Demarco/The Fold/The Washington Post)

In case you missed it, Post reporter Kent Babb spent months tracking down every Heisman Trophy that’s ever been handed out. The trophies have survived floods, questionable financial decisions, trips through airport X-ray machines — and the unsure hands of tailgating fans who are both unaware of its heft (it’s 45 pounds) and perhaps have had a few adult beverages.

A few trophies have landed in restaurants.

Ron Dayne:

The Heisman Trophy won after Dayne broke the career record for rushing yards is kept in a display case at a Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Madison, Wis., according to Dayne’s booking agent.

Billy Cannon:

Cannon, who followed his football career with a very different career as a prison dentist, loaned his Heisman Trophy to a restaurant in Baton Rouge called T.J. Ribs, where it sits in a revolving glass case.

Paul Hornung:

Hornung said he sold his Heisman years ago, adding that he uses the money to put two students through Notre Dame each year. After all, he says, the trophy had been just sitting in his garage for most of the its lifetime. The buyer of Hornung’s trophy also bought Larry Kelley’s 1936 Heisman, and they’re both on display at The Stadium, a roadside restaurant and sports museum in Garrison, N.Y.

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