(Vasha Hunt / AP)

There are reports that Mack Brown may be finished as coach at the University of Texas by the end of the week.

Naturally, this leads to reports that Texas officials will throw every single dime in the state in the direction of Alabama Coach Nick Saban, who, in one of life’s happy coincidences, has just been offered a contract extension at ‘Bama that would run through 2020. Saban, who signed an extension worth $5.62 million a year last March, has had the latest extension offer on his desk since Friday, ESPN reports. Why he hasn’t signed it makes for a skittish bunch in Tuscaloosa, particularly when pranksters are having Saban paged at the Austin airport.

It also makes for a rather delicious story line, given how Saban said he’s “too damn old” to start over elsewhere in that testily weary press conference way, way back in September.

If Brown is indeed out at Texas, at least one observer thinks Saban won’t land there. Even though Saban, like virtually every other coach in the history of the profession, has been known to say he won’t go somewhere (Alabama) and then speed off like the Road Runner (from Miami and the Dolphins) within hours.

“There’s no chance. No chance of that happening,” ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said in an interview on KESN 103.3 (via the Dallas Morning News). “Nick Saban will work TV sitting next to us on our set before he’ll be the head coach at Texas … He’ll be at Alabama for another five years, and then he’ll be working TV after that … I know Nick Saban better than anybody. It’s not going to happen.”