How much for just the gate? (Concierge Auctions)

The way this is going, a pair of Michael Jordan’s old sneakers might be worth than his former mansion one of these days.

At least there were takers for his flu-game sneakers. There were none for Legend Point, the Highland Park, Ill., mansion he put up for auction earlier this fall. Jordan He originally listed the joint for $29 million in February 2012 and lowered the price by $8 million last summer. On Monday, Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokeswoman, told the Associated Press that Concierge Auctions received no offers at the reserve price of $13 million for the 7-acre estate and 56,000-square foot mansion. The former Chicago Bulls star, who now owns the Charlotte Bobcats and spends most of his time in North Carolina and Florida, will consider what to do next with the property next year.

(Ted S. Warren / AP)

Among other things, the place boasts nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a basketball court (duh), a beauty parlor, a cigar room (with obligatory walk-in humidor) and what Concierge calls “a gentleman’s retreat.” Just what might be in the ultimate man cave? From Concierge:

This richly appointed suite hearkens back to another era, with a billiard parlor, fireplace, library, and full wet bar for your drinks of choice. But even classics can be improved upon, in this case with a conversation starter that will never stop: The entrance to this private sanctuary includes the original doors from the Playboy Mansion in Chicago. The Gentleman’s Retreat also includes a video screen that descends from the ceiling for your viewing pleasure.

The original doors from the Playboy Mansion? How much just for those?