Snow was no problem in early December at MetLife Stadium. (Julio Cortez / AP)

The NFL has a number of contingency plans for holding Super Bowl XLVIII outdoors in New Jersey next February.

(Courtesy New York/New Jersey Super bowl Host Committee) (Courtesy New York/New Jersey Super bowl Host Committee)

Among them, as organizers said last winter, is one that — horrors! — would involve rescheduling the game itself and moving it to Saturday, Monday or Tuesday, thereby ruining every single party plan for every single person on the planet.

Another involves the Aero, a heavy-duty Mr. Plow that can melt 600 tons of snow an hour.

Never mind that AccuWeather currently says there will be a high temperature of 36 and a low of 18 with no precipation on Feb. 2, 2014. The NFL actually is daring the weather gods to do their worst. “I think it would be better if it snowed a little bit during the game,” Frank Supovitz, the NFL’s senior vice-president of events, said Wednesday (via ESPN). “I think it’ll just make it more memorable.”

The NFL’s other contingency plan is to make money off the weather. Yep, there’s a Hail Mary — emphasis on hail — T shirt and “This is football, weather you like it or not” napkins.