LeBron James, like Santa’s sleigh, was picked up by NORAD. (Steve Mitchell / USA Today)

The Christmas Day game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat lost a lot of its star power with Kobe Bryant on the bench for six weeks or so.

“It’s not as special when Kobe’s not out there,” LeBron James had to admit after the Heat’s 101-95 victory.

Maybe not, but James did his best, with two classic dunks on brilliant, alley-oop teamwork with Dwyane Wade. How great was it?

“It was like watching the video game NBA Jam,” Shane Battier said (via the Miami Herald). “When I see LeBron put his head down and start sprinting up the court, that’s when I know something special is about to happen,” Battier said. “What can you do if you’re a defender? You just get out of the way.”

Jeff Van Gundy had the right idea, saying on ESPN: “They should just stop the game right now and let everyone watch the replay.”

Again and again.

No. 1:

And No. 2:

Maybe he got inspiration from the little James kids.

Kobe Bryant had a courtside seat. (Michael Nelson / EPA)