President Obama welcomed the Miami Heat to the White House on Tuesday for the second year in a row. (Reuters)

The Miami Heat made their second trip in two years to see President Barack Obama at the White House — their home away from home — on Tuesday, celebrating their second consecutive NBA title with the First Basketball Fan.

Obama welcomed them by joking that “nothing brings people together like the Miami Heat.” Although he said “it was wonderful to see them then [last year] and it’s wonderful to see them now,” Obama pointed out that the Heat’s stellar, 66-victory regular season fell short of the Chicago Bull’s record-setting run of 72.


Obama couldn’t resist talking about the Heat’s comeback in the NBA Finals and joked about Ray Allen’s choice of words at one point, reminding him that people can read lips.


(Mandel Ngan / AFP Getty Images)

The Heat’s victory was a total team effort, down to “Birdman, Birdman’s tattoos, Birdman’s Mohawk…”

As Coach Erik Spoelstra presented Obama with a replica of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, Obama joked: “You guys are winning me over a little bit.”

Before he let the Heat slip away, Obama couldn’t resist a jab at Mario Chalmers, the man tasked with distributing the ball among superstars, who, as the Wall Street Journal put it, “treat him like a glorified grocery bagger.”

And then there was the obligatory reference to Allen and his role in “He Got Game.”


Another year, another jersey for the president. (Mandel Ngan / AFP Getty Images)