Maybe he just needed a “me” day? (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Updated with Brady’s comments

Tom Brady returned to practice with his New England Patriots teammates Thursday and afterward said he is fine, causing the Earth to right itself upon its axis once again.

Brady missed Wednesday’s practice, reportedly because of illness, in a development that “Good Morning America’s” Josh Elliott said caused “a global panic.” (We’d have gone with “intergalactic.”) When the Patriots returned to the practice field Thursday morning, there was Brady in the portion that reporters were allowed to watch. There are Sasquatch-like images and everything.

Coach Bill Belichick played it coy when asked about the absence of Brady from the first practice as the team prepares to face Peyton Manning in the AFC championship game on Sunday. He even when asked to name the last time Brady surprised him.

“This morning,” he replied.

What did Brady do, he was asked.

“We’ll keep that between Tom and I.”

Brady was no more forthcoming than his coach, saying after practice, “It was nothing. I feel great. Nothing at all. … We’ve been at it for a while. There were days I miss at practice, and you deal with them.”