Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett scout the Senior Bowl North squad. (G.M. Andrews / AP)

The 2014 Dallas Cowboys are going to look a lot like the 2013 Dallas Cowboys, at least when it comes to the quarterback and the coordinators.

Omnipotent owner/General Manager Jerry Jones has no plans to draft a quarterback in May and will retain offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

“Do you discuss and get input about a lot of things?” Jones said (via the Dallas Morning News) at the Senior Bowl. “Absolutely. But what we did not do is have a big debate or a big management session regarding Monte Kiffin. We didn’t do that. That decision was made last year.”

A year ago, Jones fired Rob Ryan and hired Kiffin, whose defense came under fire after it allowed four 400-yard passing games, and 40 first downs in a game against New Orleans. Jones explained his thinking.

“I had a guy tell me one time how to be successful, that no human can be right over 50 percent of the time on any decision, but it’s the ones that cut the bad ones off quick and let the good ones run long,” he said. “That’s hard to do. That’s hard, mentally, not mentally, but that’s hard to accept quickly to cut a bad decision off quick because we all know that the adage of the gold miner who walked away and the other one who took one more swing, hit the pick and found the gold streak and so you don’t want to quit. So it’s easier said than done to let your mistakes be go short and your good decisions long.

“You go then further to fundamentals and you look at the fundamentals of a Monte Kiffin and you look at the fundamentals of his work and what he is and you look at the fact that you’ve decided scheme-wise that you liked that in competing in the NFL today then that weighs you from cutting that short, and so the answer is, I didn’t want to cut it short over on defense.”

Um, okay.

Now, about the future of Tony Romo, who underwent back surgery and missed the regular-season finale against Philadelphia. Dallas lost and missed a playoff berth, finishing 8-8.

“I don’t anticipate drafting a quarterback high with where we are with Romo, especially one that might can play immediately and several of these guys in today’s NFL are playing pretty quick, [Seattle’s Russell] Wilson, and [San Francisco’s Colin] Kaepernick, and those guys who are move-around types, some of those guys who take a little more seasoning are your traditional quarterbacks, so all of that would figure in,” he said (via the Morning News). “An early pick would be more inclined to be one that you would say use now. The other thing we’ve got is when you draft out of that first round, those are four-year contracts and three-year contracts as you go down, so to some degree, you’re just drafting one to develop for somebody else.”