Richard Sherman may have been yapping in a postgame rant, but he didn’t appear to be when he approached Michael Crabtree after making the play that saved the NFC championship game.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback was wearing a microphone that captured what he said after he tipped a pass intended for the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver in the end zone into the arms of Malcolm Smith for an interception that sealed the Seahawks’ trip to the Super Bowl. He ran over to Crabtree, extended his hand and said:

“Hell of a game. Hell of a game.”

Crabtree swatted at Sherman’s helmet. After that, the mic picks up Sherman running around and shouting and cameras follow him as he heads over for the interview with Erin Andrews. After that, he hugs a few 49ers players. (Watch the whole thing here.)

A little earlier, Sherman predicted just what was going to happen, telling his teammates:

“They about to try me. They about to try me. I’m gonna capitalize.”