Pete Carroll met the press for the first time at the Super Bowl on Sunday.  ( Elsa / Getty Images)

The good people of New Jersey are sensitive, what with doing most of the work to host Super Bowl XLVIII and seeing New York get most of the credit.

It’s bad enough that the NFL football teams that play in MetLife Stadium get the “New York” designation, and, when Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll mentioned Sunday that he was back in New York, that was the last straw. A voice piped up from the gaggle at his first press conference in … Jersey City (which is not in New York).

“Coach, I just want to say something. I’m Rich Boggiano with the city council,” the man said (via the Newark Star-Ledger). “You said you’re glad to be back in New York, I just want to remind you, you’re in New Jersey.”

Carroll apologized with a “my bad.”

“Even when you’re at the Jets, you know we were the New York Jets but we were playing in New Jersey so that’s always been an issue,” said Carroll, who coached the Jets for one season in the early 1990s. “I understand. I appreciate it. Sorry it came out that way.”

Who is Boggiano? A retired policeman and first-year city councilman in Jersey City…who, according to the Star-Ledger, was born and raised in Manhattan, but has spent 40 years in Jersey City. He attended the presser to represent Jersey City, he said, and “listening to the radio, the television, New York Giants, New York Jets, they’re playing here. It’s like ridiculous.”

The Super Bowl Committee went to great measures to make sure that the game was all-inclusive, even putting “NY/NY” in its logo, name and website url. And then the head coach for one of the two teams went and stepped in it.

“I didn’t want to embarrass him,” Boggiano said, “But …”

Next time, the warning might not be so nice. Take it from Steve Politi:

Yes, the NFL decided to put “NY/NJ” on its logo and – of course – screw us by holding nearly all of the major events across the Hudson River. Yes, the official game program dedicated such a small fraction of its cover to our state, directly below the Lombardi Trophy near the very edge, that it could be mistaken for a smudge.

That’s us to the NFL: A necessary smudge. But not even almighty Roger Goodell can change the geography. MetLife Stadium is the site of Super Bowl XLVIII. MetLife Stadium is located in East Rutherford, N.J. Therefore, one more time everyone, the Super Bowl is in New Jersey.

Got it? Good.