Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch wasn’t long for the speaking portion of Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day.

After about six minutes, the running back known as “Beast,” wearing a hooded windbreaker and sunglasses, left his podium without explanation and stood behind the staging area at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. He was hanging out there when Deion Sanders of the NFL Network found him.

Deion: “You look good.”

Lynch: “[Expletive], you do, too.” (Alert the FCC.)

As for why he left the podium, Lynch said: “I’m just about that action, boss. Been like that since I was little. Always been like that. Ain’t no need to talk about it. Just go get it.”

Make no mistake, though, he is excited for the game Sunday.

“Hell, yeah. Yeaaaaaah.”

The signoff?

Deion: “We love Beast Mode.” Lynch: “Beast Mode love and appreciate that.”

Lynch recently was fined $50,000 for ducking his NFL-mandated duties with the Seattle media, but the league tabled the fine, saying it would be dropped if he improved. Brian McCarthy of the NFL said (via the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen) only that “players are required to participate and he participated.” His coach, Pete Carroll, was unconcerned about Lynch’s disappering act.

“I heard he did six great minutes. Some comedians make a career off that.”