Peyton’s place. (Shannon Stapleton / AP)

It’s the greatest — and weirdest — day on the sports calendar: Super Bowl media day. Thousands of media members and alleged media members/possible space aliens will elbow one another to ask inane questions of about 250 players and coaches in the Prudential Center in Newark.

First up: the Denver Broncos. (Hit refresh to see the updates.)

10:30 a.m. The madness begins as the players and coaches file in.

The chum is about to hit the water. It’s weird because some of the people in costumes are regulars. (See: woman in wedding dress, alleged superhero.)

10:33 a.m. While Peyton Manning is giving an interview about Jim Caldwell and being at his third Super Bowl and saying nothing really outlandish (boo), it should be noted that Fox Sports has Randy Moss (a notorious mediaphobe as a player) on the scene. We applaud this turning of the tables.

10:34 a.m. Peyton Manning he has no idea what a legacy is. “I thought you had to be like 70 to have a legacy.” (If you’re wondering why he has a towel over his shoulder, it’s because he’s a Reebok guy in a Nike league.)

(Peter Foley / AP)

10:35 a.m. We have no idea what this is:

10:37 a.m. So far, Media Day has had a refreshing absence of Deion Sanders.

10:38 a.m. Oops.

10:40 a.m. The NFL Network should notice that there are people not named Peyton Manning at this here thing. Maybe go to Deion?

10:42 a.m. Shark-jumpage alert! Peyton Manning will not cross the river and appear on “Saturday Night Live” — the night before the game, which is kind of a big deal — and he has no idea which real housewife (in either New York or New Jersey) is his favorite.

10:44 a.m. Peyton Manning has inside information about the weather Sunday in MetLife Stadium. “The weather’s going to be what the weather’s going to be.”

10:47 a.m. Champ Bailey pulls the pin from the grenade and flings it toward D.C.:

10:48 a.m. Players wear jackets or jerseys with their names and numbers (because, you know, how else would you recognize Peyton Manning?). In the case of wide receiver Wes Welker, this is unfortunate because I think I speak for everyone when I say I want to see the splendid orange suit he wore Sunday again. And again.

Also, I hope he divulges the kind of inside information he squawked about the last time he was here, when he told the world about Tom Brady’s heated toilets. That was mind-blowing.

10:52 a.m. We have a Super Bowl Media Day winner and — shock! — it’s the guy known as Pot Roast, the guy who confided Monday that he’s happy he wasn’t eating Spinach Alfredo when his teammates were in a nicknaming frame of mind. Terrence Knighton showed up wearing a UFC title belt. We salute you, Mr. Roast.

10:55 a.m. Quote of the day so far (don’t expect the standards to get any higher) comes from Wes Welker, who knows a thing or two about dropping a key pass in the big game. “If you’re not nervous, you’re not focused. If you’re not focused, you’re screwed.”

11 a.m. Coach John Fox is asked to say something to the people of China on Chinese New Year.

11:01 a.m. Some reporters dress differently from other reporters.

11:03 a.m. It’s Redskins Throwback Tuesday, featuring Champ Bailey and Deion Sanders!

11:07 a.m. The NFL Network host is so very, very wrong: You can get enough of Peyton Manning on Media Day.

11:11 a.m. Because it’s Super Bowl Media Day, Olympic gymnast/pixie Gabby Douglas is there.

11:20 a.m. Finally, something that makes perfect sense…the presence of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.

11:25 a.m. The Things That Require No Real Explanation Dept.:

11:27 a.m. Why would fans play to attend Media Day? This is why:

The Broncos call it quits a few minutes early. The Seattle Seahawks will be up at 12:45 ET.