Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos practiced outdoors Wednesday. (Mark Humphrey / AP)

Everybody at the Super Bowl may be talking about whether a victory Sunday would officially stamp Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all time, but it isn’t a topic Peyton Manning cares to talk about.

“Me and my buddies don’t discuss that,” Manning told the media on Thursday. “We have other things to talk about.”

Nor does Manning “have a list” of his top quarterbacks.

“I feel like I could probably describe the perfect quarterback with a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway’s arm, Dan Marino’s release, I think Troy Aikman’s drop back, Brett Favre’s scrambling ability, Joe Montana’s two-minute poise.

“Naturally, my speed in there.”

That drew big laughs. Manning, who earlier in the week said “I am not a robot,” mused that it might be better to take traits rather than physical attributes to build the perfect quarterback, sort of calling an audible on putting together the ideal QB.

“I could take a piece of everyone, you know, of some of my favorite quarterbacks. I could take 30 traits from different guys and put them in there for that perfect quarterback,” he said. “So that’s kind of how I look at it. I don’t have the lists. I know a lot of people have lists.

“Any time, as John Elway once said, you like to kind of be on the conversation of someone talking about of some their favorite quarterbacks, that’s a nice compliment in itself.”

Manning also addressed the notion, raised by Richard Sherman, that he “throws ducks.” Manning tamped down DuckGate before it could really get going by … agreeing, in a rather tongue-in-cheek way. “I believe it to be true as well. I don’t think that’s a real reach what he’s saying. I’ve thrown a lot of yards and touchdowns with ducks. I’m actually quite proud of it.”