The early frontrunner for “the Super Bowl ad that everyone will be talking about Sunday” has to be the one produced for Budweiser, the one that’s been watcher over 15 million times already on YouTube.

“Puppy Love” adds puppies to last year’s successful formula that combined horses, Stevie Nicks and interspecies bonding with The Lonely Trainer That No Clydesdale Can Ever Forget.

“Brotherhood” from 2013 is the commercial that had you explaining through your tears: 1) “It’s dusty in here,” 2) “Gosh, I’m going to miss Ray Lewis,” 3) “I always cry when the lights go out,” or 4) “Damn, these Budweiser people know how to push my buttons.”

Seriously, horses love this guy, dogs dig him…how about The Puppy Lady Who Happily Also Happens a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model?

Other ads you’ll see: