Axe celebrates world peace in its extended 2014 Super Bowl ad for "Make Love, Not War." (Courtesy of Axe)

The Product: Axe Peace

The Premise: Leaders in North Korea and Iran are among the troubled nations alluded to in this tense sequence of events — an advancing tank, a military march, a soldier with a machine gun.

The Punchline: But just as we’ve begun to think the worst, those soldiers and despots begin to abandon their weapons and embrace the women they love. That military march is a grand tribute to the dictator’s wife. The red button deploys fireworks, not bombs. The message here is peace, as the newest line of Axe is called.

The Verdict: This is something new: A heartwarming commercial from Eau de Bro body spray company Axe. In a departure from their usual schlubby-dude-wearing-Axe-attracts-bikini-babe marketing strategy, Axe has shifted its message to something softer and more broadly appealing. Not only does the ad support a partnership with a good cause — Peace One Day, advocates for global ceasefire — but it’s also gripping and cinematic, with a great twist.

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