The Product: Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt

The Premise: John Stamos, the reigning ladies’ man of lactose for the third year in a row, is once again eating yogurt with a woman. He’s having trouble getting the spoon to his mouth, so she helps him out by licking it off of his lips. He senses an opportunity and — oops! — drips it in his lap.

The Punchline: But his “Full House” castmates, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, aren’t about to let him score. Needless to say, the cleanliness-obsessed Saget is not the person that Stamos was hoping would utter the phrase, “Take off your pants, Greek boy.”

The Verdict: Given the media blitz that the “Full House” castmates have undertaken in the last few days — including a Reddit AMA and a skit with Jimmy Fallon — Dannon is really getting its money’s worth this year.