Celebrities from 80s invade a RadioShack to take out the old to make room for the new RadioShack. (RadioShack)

The Product: RadioShack

The Premise: “The ’80s called — it wants its store back,” says one stunned RadioShack employee to another, hanging up the phone. And in rushes pretty much every single one of the decade’s biggest characters, from Alf to Hulk Hogan to gymnast Mary Lou Retton.

The Punchline: They clear the shelves of clunky monitors and fax machines to make way for the new RadioShack, to the tune of “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend.” Even the California Raisins help. And when they party is over, Slimer from Ghostbusters bursts through a wall.

The Verdict: Not only did RadioShack have the guts to make fun of itself, but it dropped a nostalgia bomb Gen Xers. One of the best commercials of the night.

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