Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer addressed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (center) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Bebeto Matthews /AP)

So much for basking in the glow of a successful Super Bowl in the state that he governs.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was jeered at a Time Square rally in which he sat between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. New York Mayor Bill DiBlasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo also were present — and were far more relaxed and cheerful than the New Jersey governor.

“You made it across the bridge?” one heckler hollered, according to the New York Daily News.

Christie was mostly glum-faced during the ceremony to “hand off” the 2015 Super Bowl to Arizona officials. He briefly addressed the crowd.

“Thank you very much to all of our patrons, the NFL, the team owners, look forward to handing it off to Arizona,” Christie said (via “I was proud to be in New Orleans last year to accept the hand-off on behalf of the region and we look forward to hosting everybody in this group that’s got a ticket tomorrow to watch the greatest sports spectacle in the world. Congratulations to the NFL and congratulations to the host committee.”

Christie has seen his approval ratings plummet over questions about what he knew and when concerning George Washington Bridge lane closings and Hurricane Sandy aid in Hoboken, N.J. So much for the simpler, chestier days as Christie and the state were ramping up for Super Bowl XLVIII. Last October, Christie boasted that there’d be no stinkin’ power outages during the big game in his state and told a little story about a conversation he had with Goodell at last year’s Super Bowl.

“The lights were out for a while as you’ll recall, and so I was with the commissioner, and it’s an awkward time. We were there in the dark and he’s on his BlackBerry trying to figure out what’s going on,” Christie said (via the Star-Ledger) at an event that featured Goodell and Woody Johnson. “Finally he turns to me and he said to me, ‘You know, Gov, when we come to New Jersey next year, the lights aren’t going to go out, are they?’

“And I said, ‘Listen, Roger, I can’t guarantee the lights aren’t going to go out,’ I said, ‘but if they do, there will be bodies strewn in the parking lot for the people who are responsible for the lights going out because that’s the way we handle matters in New Jersey.'”

Goodell, back then, confirmed the story. “He was standing right here when the lights went out, right next to me. And I think he stepped out and he made a phone call to the head of the public utilities here and made sure that’s not going to happen this year.”