Love hurts, but taxes don't in Intuit TurboTax's Super Bowl ad. (Intuit)

The Product: TurboTax software

The Premise: Everyone says that Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday, but TurboTax thinks that’s only true for the people whose teams are in the game. I’m inclined to say that it’s also a holiday for people who just enjoy eating guacamole and Tweeting about funny commercials, but maybe I’m in the minority. Anyway. Watching other teams in the Super Bowl is like watching some popular jerk take your high school crush to the prom.

The Punchline: And not only that, it’s like watching a slow-motion instant replay of every time he kisses her, and all of the stats for his dancing skills, all while you sit there and mope. Oh, yeah, and getting your tax refund is like a holiday too?

The Verdict: It’s a smart send-up of the agony any fan feels when they think it should have been their team on that field, instead.

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