Seahawks fans partied in the night. (David Ryder / Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks and their fans, it turns out, were just getting started when Super Bowl XLVIII ended Sunday night.

After bashing the Denver Broncos, there was quite a little bash back at the team hotel and on the streets of Seattle. Increasingly-less reclusive owner Paul Allen and his band rocked the place in New Jersey and then Macklemore, the team’s most visible fan, performed.

On Monday morning, a sleep-deprived Carroll shared the details.

“Really, we had a great party that was rolling at our place,” the world’s youngest 62-year-old coach said. “How good is it when you have your owner up on stage playing the guitar with his own band? Paul was hot last night, he was tearing it up — big licks. He had a lot of notable artists with him, too, playing. He’s got a great roster also. They sounded great. Everybody is so excited about this accomplishment. You could just feel the extension of it throughout all the 12s [12th man] that are out there and all the way back home. I know that there’s a great celebration going on back there. It kinda got connected through Paul, Seattle-born guy. You follow up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis coming on stage — who’ve been with us for over a year now kind of just hangin’ with us. They really connected it and made it a great party. I think Paul picked up the bill, too.”

Back in Seattle, there were bonfires and fireworks as the city celebrated its first Super Bowl title. “We’re all in euphoria right now,” Steve McVay, a 43-year-old Seattle IT worker, told the Associated Press. “It’s a huge deal for the city. Since the Sonics [left], we haven’t won anything.”

On Wednesday, there’ll be a big parade. A really big parade and maybe even the kiddies will get the day off from school. Carroll endorses this wholeheartedly.
“Heck, yeah, they should. There’s big education happening that Wednesday. They should all show up.”