Moments like this inspired the internet. (Screengrab / Fox Sports)

Peyton Manning may have experienced one of the worst, most embarrassing, most humiliating, most sobering losses in his career, but internet enthusiasts were trying their best to help him get over it with some tough love.

It doesn’t help matters that he has an expressive face.

Or that he has a younger brother who pretty much pioneered Manningface and displayed it late in Super Bowl XLVIII.

So many faces, so little time. SB Nation offered a translation chart.

What really got the internet cooking were images of Peyton Manning on the phone to … someone.

At least no one pointed out that the phone’s not for callin’, the phone’s for footballin’.

That white Bronco chase from almost 20 years ago came back, too.

Of course, there was pizza for everybody.

And … Omaha.