(Courtesy Budweiser)

Can a commercial that’s been viewed over 36 million times on YouTube be wrong? Not when it features a squiggly puppy and a noble Clydesdale who just want to frolic in the field.

1. Budweiser‘s puppy-Clydesdale friendship:

A puppy befriends a Clydesdale in one of Budweiser's Super Bowl ads. (Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch)

2. Axe‘s soft-hearted despots:

Axe celebrates world peace in its extended 2014 Super Bowl ad for "Make Love, Not War." (Courtesy of Axe)

3. Budweiser’s flash-mob parade for Lt. Chuck Nabb:

Budweiser gives a soldier returning home a "hero's welcome." (Budweiser)

4. Coke’s ode to America’s mixing pot

Coca-Cola celebrates the beauty of America in one of its two Super Bowl ads. (Coca-Cola)

5. Hyundai‘s tribute to dads

"Dad's Sixth Sense" is one of two ads Hyundai ran during the Super Bowl. (Hyundai)

6. Cheerios‘ new addition to the family:

Cheerios brings back the mother, father and daughter from the company's "Just Checking" ads for its Super Bowl spot. (Cheerios)

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