Football fans wait to go through security at Secaucus Junction on their way to MetLife Stadium. (Matt Rourke / AP)

Super Bowl organizers miscalculated badly when it came to figuring how many fans would be involved in the first mass-transit NFL championship game.

Instead of the 12,000 they anticipated, there were 28,000. They were delayed by security going to the game, with some fans overcome by warm temperatures and overcrowding on the NJ transit platforms. And, because what goes into the stadium must come out, there were problems after the game, too, with MetLife announcers and New Jersey state police urging fans to stay in place rather than leave. Just what they wanted to hear.

Organizers had severely restricted parking at MetLife for security reasons, touting their plans to move fans to and from the game with mass transit. Fans complied, but the organizers failed them badly.