In its ’80s flashback commercial, RadioShack had the guts to make fun of itself — and in the process, it dropped a nostalgia bomb on Gen Xers.

Celebrities from 80s invade a RadioShack to take out the old to make room for the new RadioShack. (RadioShack)

Bud Light’s wild night with a guy named Ian is like a mini-“Hangover.” And it’s a great performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays “tiny tennis” (Extended version here).

Bud Light's epic night begins in the company's first of two Super Bowl ads. (Budweiser)

A time traveling machine that runs on Doritos becomes a case of mistaken identity in this winning fan-created spot.

A time machine that runs on Doritos is too good to be true in the company's Super Bowl ad. (Doritos)

Finally, a rancher-driving-a-pickup-truck commercial that doesn’t take itself so seriously. Chevy pokes fun at itself by adding a twist to its longstanding “A man and his truck” formula.

GoDaddy’s turn away from its old sleazy marketing strategy was a good one — this year’s Danica Patrick commercial made people laugh, not cringe.

Danica Patrick stars in this GoDaddy ad about a tanning salon owner who pumped up her business after turning to GoDaddy to get found. (GoDaddy)

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