(Michael Perez / AP)

There haven’t been many feel-good moments for the Philadelphia 76ers, but tonight’s game is certain to deliver one.

Kevin Grow, a senior manager for the basketball team at Bensalem (Pa.) High School, signed a ceremonial two-day contract with the team after video of him firing up three-pointers in the last two minutes of a game went viral.

Kevin Grow has Down Syndrome.

After signing Monday, Grow was put to work by Sixers Coach Brett Brown. “You’re going to teach our young guys how to hold your follow-through, and how to shoot like you shoot,” he said (via CBS Philly). “… Can you do that?”

When Grow responded with a “yeah,” Brown added, “We welcome you to the team, man. Thank you for coming.”

Grow will participate in pregame activities before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and will get his own locker and jersey. He’ll also, according to the Sixers, “watch pregame warm-ups, take part in the high-five tunnel when players take the court for the game and stand with his team during the National Anthem.”