Richie Incognito returns to Twitter. (Phelan M. Ebenhack / AP)

Richie Incognito has been a busy man, at least as far as Twitter goes, since an investigation found him to be one of three Miami Dolphins players who conducted a “pattern of harassment” involving Jonathan Martin.

After the results of the investigation were made public Friday, he spent Presidents’ Day tweeting an apology for “acting like a big baby” and announcing Sunday that he’d fired his agent, then retracting that Monday.

“I apologize for acting like a big baby the last few days,” he began. “This has all been so much on me and my family. I just want to play football. I want everyone to know I’m in good spirits and looking forward to playing again one day.”

Then Incognito singled out Jonathan Martin, the man he allegedly pushed to the point of leaving the team last fall.


Incognito apologized to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, whose organization he’s caused major embarrassment and a ton of negative publicity.

He also apologized to Ted Wells, the lawyer who was appointed by Commissioner Roger Goodell to conduct the investigation into the Dolphins’ culture, and to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in a vulgar tweet.

“I would like to also apologize to Mr. Ross and Mr. Wells. [Expletive] got cray cray #MYBAD”

He had a message for Athletes First, which represents him: “Shout out @AthletesFirst I love you I will never ever FIRE you Tues mi familia.”

Incognito, who was suspended during the season by the team pending the investigation, was a starter for the Dolphins, but is presently a free agent. Ross has said repeatedly that Incognito will not return to the team. Early Tuesday morning, Incognito didn’t overlook the NFL, where the commissioner is most likely considering whether to discipline him.