Jameis Winton in action last June. (Phil Sears / AP)

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is just as serious about being Florida State pitcher Jameis Winston.

So dedicated to baseball is the Heisman Trophy winner that he thinks he can be the next Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson.

“That is my dream,” Winston said Monday, “whether it’s me being a closer or me being a hitter. But I know I want to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously it would be tremendous to follow in the footsteps of the Bo Jacksons and the Deion Sanders to play both sports professionally. That’s just something I have to worry about when it comes.”

He also hopes to double dip on national titles, helping the Seminoles win one in baseball after leading the football team to the national championship last month. Winston, the second freshman to win the Heisman, was 1-2 with two saves and a 3.00 ERA last season with the Seminoles. When he wasn’t pitching, he was playing the outfield and he hit .235 and drove in nine runs. He was a 12th-round draft pick by the Texas Rangers as a high school senior and is a sure-fire early pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

It’s a nice dream, but is it realistic? Pro football is virtually a year-round enterprise now. And neither Sanders nor Jackson had the responsibilities that a quarterback bears in today’s NFL. Still, as he says, he can dream.