Johnny Weir will bringhis flair for fashion to th Oscars. (Isaac Brekken / AP) Johnny Weir will bring his flair for fashion to th Oscars. (Isaac Brekken / AP)

The Olympics may be over, but nobody — nobody — is ready to quit Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, the former Olympic figure skaters who were NBC’s dynamic duo with their commentary from Sochi.

They’ll be back next week to talk fashion for “Access Hollywood” this weekend at the Academy Awards. It’ll be tough for anyone on the red carpet to top Weir, whose Olympic outfits were a daily amazement.

“I don’t think we clearly grasped how we’ve done because we weren’t able to watch it as a broadcast,” Weir told USA Today Sports. “But I think for us, it was a dream. We had a lot of fun, we enjoyed each other, we found a rhythm, we found who we will be as broadcasters and we’ll only get better.

“I think that’s all we were expecting, and everything else is beautiful, beautiful whipped topping.”