Nice try, but everyone knew it was LeBron James. (Alan Diaz / AP)

LeBron James showed up for the Miami Heat’s game against the New York Knicks in a terrifying mask designed to protect the fractured nose he received courtesy of Serge Ibaka last week.

It wasn’t the Bane look he promised on Instagram, but it was pretty menacing just the same. Not that his game needed the extra edge. He dropped 31 points on the Knicks and “played like Batman out there,” according to Chris Bosh. The Heat won 108-82, but that wasn’t the best part of his night.

That came later in a bit he did with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show.” In it, James shows that he’s ready to be considered for the “Wastepaper Basketball” Mount Rushmore and the writers get a massive assist for rhyming “super fly” and “IT guy.”

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