(Rob Tringali / Getty Images)

Adam Dunn, a big-time player in Chicago and now in Hollywood, is going to the Academy Awards on Sunday night after all.

Dunn, who was given the green light to leave the Chicago White Sox’ spring training facility for the big ceremony, was invited because of his involvement with the production company responsible for “Dallas Buyers Club.” It’s up for six Oscars, including the big three: best picture, best actor (Matthew McConaughey) and best supporting actor (Jared Leto).

“It will be cool, a lot of fun,” Dunn said Thursday after making up his mind to go. “I don’t really know a whole lot about it. People have parties for this kind of thing, so it must be pretty cool.”

Gosh, yes, there are indeed some Oscars parties and Dunn might want to hit some of them, even if he had to be encouraged by General Manager Rick Hahn and Manager Robin Ventura to go. Because of the way the schedule falls, he was convinced he could make the short trip. He isn’t likely to play until the team’s second Cactus League game Saturday and can work out with the Sox on Sunday morning, then hop a jet from Arizona to Hollywood.

“I’m not here to go to the Oscars, I’m here to get ready for Opening Day,” Dunn, who had a small role as a bartender in the film, said. “If I was playing [Friday] and playing Sunday and all that stuff, and the schedule didn’t line up, then I wouldn’t have gone.”

He really should, as Tony Kornheiser says, “remember the littles” when he gets back — maybe sharing a bit of what’s inside the $85,000 swag bag Oscar nominees score (but perhaps not the HydroxyCut).