The new helmets feature a bolder logo with a brighter red. (AP Photo/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers revealed the rest of their new wardrobe on Monday and it’s … interesting.

Their new Nike uniforms feature an alarm clock-y LED motif that completes a makeover that began with a helmet redesign. That re-do, revealed Feb. 21, features a less jolly Roger, one who’s more Alpha male and less Jack Sparrow. “The result is a sleek, modern design that honors our championship past,” co-chairman Edward Glazer said, “while also establishing a new, bolder identity moving forward.”

Initial reaction to the new uniforms is less than positive, with plenty of jokes about the XFL throwback look and this being a fashion wake-up call, but the Seattle Seahawks’ new look was panned years ago and that was pretty quickly forgotten when the team started winning. Maybe the LED look will work out for Tampa Bay. In any event, it was time for a change, since Tampa Bay hadn’t changed its look since 1997. The new uniform, the team says, features a richer shade of pewter and a brighter red, with “Bay Orange” accents.

The most intriguing thing about the new look is that it features a reflective chrome border around the numbers. It will complement the chrome grill on the new helmets. Both are a first for the league.