Usually, when a fan runs onto a soccer pitch, his actions are met by onlookers with an eye-roll. When you’re a little kid running onto the soccer pitch, however, you just might be in for the coolest memory of your life.

Meet Ayo Dosumu, a 7-year-old who ran onto the field just after Brazil cruised past South Africa in a friendly Wednesday.

As security approached the lad, Brazilian superstar Neymar scooped him up and carried him over to his celebrating teammates.  The boy’s father was greeted rather angrily by security when he tried to follow his son onto the field, but he managed to stay out long enough to pass his cellphone off to one of the players so he could take pictures of the 7-year-old with his favorite players.

The Brazil team even hoisted Dosumu up on their shoulders.

Not surprisingly, the young Dosumu was pretty pleased with how things turned out. From Yahoo:

Globoesporte managed to track down the boy, who they identify as seven-year-old Ayo Dosumu.
“I felt very happy,” Ayo said of the experience.
“My son is now an idol,” his father, Shola, added. “I didn’t even realize when he ran out.Then I had to go and get him. It was a great thrill.”

Here’s the full video, though it should come with the disclaimer Josh Elliott gave on “Good Morning America” on Thursday morning: “Folks, don’t try this at home. Unless you’re under 10 and totally adorable.”