LeBron James tries to knock the ball away from Kirk Hinrich in the first half. (Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

LeBron James found out the hard way that going against medical advice and scrapping the annoying mask that had protected his broken nose wasn’t the best idea.

In the first half of the Miami Heat’s game against the Chicago Bulls, he and Jimmy Butler became tangled as they tangled while pursuing a loose ball. James appeared to deliver an elbow to Butler’s face and, when the two ended up on the floor, Butler delivered a kick to James’s face. They shoved each other for a bit and were each assessed a technical.

(Courtesy Eye on Basketball)

Here’s video of the play:

James was supposed to wear the mask to protect the broken beak he suffered Feb. 20 for another week, but scrapped it for the second half of Thursday’s game and all of Sunday’s. “I’m good,” James said (via the Sun Sentinel). “It’s uncomfortable.”